Gain Express Landtek Instruments Digital Window Tint Meter

Since there are just four profile classes you may create, it is likely to separate data collections and non-data groups. Each class can have its own alarm configurations, particular limitations, and also its own calibration. To put it differently, it is possible to take data readings without having them saved to memory.

Should you choose to save your light transmittance meter, then this tool can manage about 320 readings. Following that, you will have to clean your stored data.

Other Factors

There are just two different measure modes you are able to select between. The first is only style, and the next is constant manner. The only mode enables you to choose different dimensions. Pretty useful for if you understand exactly where you wish to target the device. The constant mode is fantastic for carrying a continuous stream of dimensions. If you would like to conduct the thickens judge combined a protracted part of a paint job, the constant manner can be convenient to have.

Additionally, it comprises a hard-shelled carrying case with foam sockets for tool and its accessories. Regrettably, the situation is really big, so it is not ideal for storage.

Therefore, this tool is based around double probe technologies which can help comprehend magnetic induction and eddy current independently. Additionally, it includes two different measurement modes and performance modes, enabling it to match the requirements of any specific project.

Along with the CG204 has been constructed to precision criteria. Its dimension range stretches out to 1250μm, using a basic accuracy within roughly 3 percent. The minimal curvature dimension is 1.5mm to get a ferrous alloy, or 3mm to get a non-ferrous metal. The minimum diameter for dimension is 7mm using a ferrous alloy or 5mm to get a non-ferrous metal.

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